SANTA International Film Productions
We are a production house providing services for foreign company wanting to film in Thailand. We have been providing services for feature film, music video, documentary and commercial through out Thailand with more than 40 years experience.

Originally, the company was found under the name Hanuman Film Production. The company was establish in 1950 as a full services production house for Thai movies. We have produced many Thai award winning films. The company have grown and branching out. Now we are Santa International Film Production, servicing house for international film company filming

n Thailand.

With a 40 years in the international film market, we are experiences in various type of film production ranging from a big budget Hollywood production with big name movie star to a low budget international film, documentary film and include still photo commercial.

We are willing to work with you to accommodate your need and to making the work affordable and maintain the highest level of professional quality.

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